Yakima Trading Corp. We are a company with a diversity of products and brands, which offers solutions to leading companies in the oil, petrochemical, industrial sector and construction particularly in Venezuela and the region.

Who we are?


Provides commercial services for crude oil and petroleum, construction materials and equipments, as well as all industry services on a large scale and high value added for the oil industry, basic and civil construction industries with the highest value for our customers, making use of the best effective ways through more effective use of market and marketing strategies to maximize the availability of the required products in terms of time, quality and optimal cost-benefit ratio.


Vision is to be an international marketing company at a regional level, generally wanted and preferred by the Oil and Construction industry, trusted for our reliability, efficiency, effectiveness and better “win-win” relationship with our clients and associates.


Strategic Objective

Continue the growth and expansion of our business, protecting and strengthening our core product marketing, building expansion opportunities locally and in adjacent geographical areas, including oil and oil products, materials and equipment for the industry in general.

Continue exploring new business opportunities with high added value, which always generate adequate levels of profitability, liquidity and sufficient to secure investments, profits and dividends to shareholders, ensuring sustainability, while we develop and implement management systems to support the business growth and long term sustainability.

Social responsibility

Corporate Matching Program

Yakima Trading Corp. contributes matching donations to eligible charities supported by our employees.

Giving Back

Yakima Trading Corp. believes in giving back to the communities where we work and operate that is seen in both our contributions and volunteer programs.

Helping Hands

Yakima Trading Corp. encourages employees to participate in community activities through company sponsored volunteer programs as well as individual projects.

Employees who volunteer their time with not-for-profits can request a donation to that charity.

Volunteer opportunities are made available to employees either in teams or on their own.